Raising finance* may, at first glance, seem confusing and time-consuming. We strive to simplify the process of raising finance.

Kalido Private Office specialises in finding intelligent, effective and flexible finance options for our clients looking to raise finance for the purchase of the prime family residence, holiday house, yacht or private jet in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy and other countries.

We work with well-established lending partners and leading financial institutions all over the world, which means we are in the perfect position to support you by identifying and selecting your ideal banking partner.

Having a mortgage in the UK can be very advantageous:

  • A Mortgage allows you to structure the purchase in the most tax efficient way. You should always seek Independent Tax Advice from a Tax Specialist before proceeding with an International Mortgage
  • Allows starting a Credit History and improve the client’s Financial Reputation Worldwide which is very useful for obtaining future personal and commercial loans with other banks
  • It allows an increase in the budget for the purchase, which means the family can afford a more comfortable home
  • With the interest rate around 2,5-3%, money is still very “cheap”.

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* Kalido Private Office is neither a lender nor a provider of financial advice or financial services. Kalido Private Office provides introductions only to financial services institutions in respect of products and services not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Each client is personally introduced to a FCA regulated advisor in a relevant private bank to discuss their financial needs and to receive an advice in the relevant area of their interest.

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