As a buying agent we have the advantage of learning the market, locating best available deals and comparing information to ensure we find exactly the home or investment property you asked us to find. We gather the information on your potential investment by all means possible, through our extensive network of contacts, to ensure that we bring you the best possible deal.

Where do you start? Buying a property is the very important decision. As buying agents, we start with identifying right investment for you. 

We proceed in a straightforward manner:

We get to know you: We start by meeting you and by building a relationship with you, to gain the better understanding of your requirements. 

We advise you on current property market conditions and suggest areas to maximise the return on your budget. We specialise in properties in London, Country Homes, Spain.

We do our research: Distances between properties can be considerable. In reality houses and flats look different to the photographs. We view and short-list suitable properties saving you most precious commodity time.

We save your valuable time: A thorough property search can take months, even years. Through the contacts available to us, we are able to cut the search time in half, without taking shortcuts.

We deliver the best on the market: The demand for good quality properties often outstrips supply. Prime London properties are always in demand and sometimes sold before they go on the market. With our extensive contacts, our aim is to deliver, your desired purchase to you. 

We are here to help: We possess a good knowledge of property. We are also able to advise you on the local area, amenities and pricing. We give you an honest overview of the property and pricing so that you are fully equipped to make an informed buying decision.

We will negotiate: Once we locate the ideal property, we negotiate the best possible price, on the most favourable terms. 

We oversee the Legal Process: We work with leading law firms whom we recommend to our clients. As buying agents, we manage the legal process throughout to ensure the purchase holds together through to completion and handing over the keys.

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